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Main interest of the teaching module is the provision of a comprehensive knowledge on complex interactions of flood risk management. A framework of theory and methods is referred to, which should allow participants to integrate and also to specify their individual backgrounds and experiences.

The course was developed by TU Dresden and IOER Dresden scientists and was supervised by a scientific advisory board of national and international experts. We benefit from support and expertise of more than 30 national and international universities, research institutions, authorities, and private enterprises.

Development of this course and a test period of three years was funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the EU Project FLOODsite.


The modular structure of the course corresponds to the regulations of the Bologna Prozess to create an European higher education area by making academic degree standards and quality assurance standards more comparable and compatible throughout Europe.

The course consists of two main parts. Two basic modules Flood Risk Management I and Flood Risk Management II. The modules consist of two classes, four workshops, and one study tour. The classes are embedded in the regular semester programme of the TU Dresden as weekly lectures. Furthermore, we offer audio records of each lecture as podcasts. The workshops take place in June (WSI), November (WSII), January (WSIII), and March (WSIV), respectively. The one week study tour along an european flood prone river basin takes place in September.

Finally, participants have the chance to work out a real world issue. This will complete the entire course with the FLOODmaster-Certificate.

The two modules are compulsory for Hydro Science and Engineering Students. Part thres is an additional optional module for participants using the course for advanced vocational training.

Each of the basic modules earns 10 credits. The grade is a result of written exams and the study work of the workshops and study tour. The weighting of each event follows the course regulations as follows.

  • Module 1 = 0.5 * class I + 0.3 * workshop I + 0.2 * study tour
  • Module 2 = 0.4 * class II + 0.2 * workshop II + 0.2 * workshop III + 0.2 * workshop IV
  • Certificate = 0.35 * Module 1 + 0.35 * Module 2 + 0.3 * Study Project

Target Groups

Hydro Science & Engineering

In first instance, the FLOODmaster course was developed for students participating in the master course Hydro Science & Engineering at TU Dresden. The modular structure of this course fits smoothly in the structure of the master programme. Students can score 2 out of 5 required modules by completing the entire FLOODmaster course. The scheme above shows the mandatory parts of the course: two lectures, four workshops and one study tour. The highlighting colours green and blue indicate the two modules.


The modular structure enables students from other departments such as Hydrology (optional course in the Master programme) and Geography to integrate single or all parts of the course into their regular scheme. Furthermore, workshops or lectures may be integrated in optional course programme. Especially the study tour might replace standard excursions offered by the Chair of Hydrology or Geography.


The modular structure enables professionals to integrate single or all parts of the course into their regular training programme. All study material like presentations, exercises, and literature is available via intranet. Consequently, the two classes are open for e-learners. However, workshops and study tour are events where physical presence and active participation is required.

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